Commissioning a Project

When you are ready to discuss a custom commission, here are some points you should be thinking about when you contact Indie Goldwaser.

  1. Will the starting point be a photograph, an original drawing by Indie based on your concept, or a combination of the two?
  2. What are the overall dimensions of the finished project? (Based on the overall size, the project may be a single panel or multiple panels.)
  3. Is there a deadline date by which the finished work is needed?
  4. What are your tastes in design? As you can see from examples in the Gallery, works in stained glass can range from subtle and representational to boldly abstract.
  5. Does the project have to fit into an existing color scheme? For instance, should it pick up colors from something like a fine carpet or the woodwork already in the room where it will be displayed? Another instance of fixed color is matching the selected colors of a corporate logo already designed.

Contact Indie Luria Goldwaser at indiegoldwaser at or at 201-848-6333.