Stained Glass Ideas for You

Works in stained glass and stained glass mosaic are among the most versatile artworks you can own. Anywhere a pane of glass can appear, a work in stained glass can appear, decorating, highlighting, even transforming a space. Works in stained glass can be used in frames or light-boxes, as portable and convenient to install as a framed picture or wall-hanging the same size. Or works can be permanent and architectural, taking the place of a window, sidelight, transom, clerestory, or room divider.

Stained glass can be presented either one-sided or two-sided. In a frame or light-box, the work is viewed from one side only, and is typically hung against a wall. Only one-sided works can incorporate lettering, which would appear reversed in a two-sided presentation.

Two-sided works take advantage of the translucent nature of the stained glass medium. The two sides can be:

  • both outdoors, as a garden highlight, house number or corporate logo
  • both indoors, as a room divider or transom
  • one indoors, one outdoors, when the work is installed as a window or door insert.

The examples in the gallery here at show some of these ideas.

A Window

Stained glass is an alternative to boring glass block or frosted glass in places where a space needs daylight AND privacy. By giving some thought to what times of day the glass will have artificial light from inside the building, and what times of day the glass will have natural light from outside the building, you can make a window of stained glass a striking visual element for viewers both inside and out, without giving up privacy. [See an example]

A Door

Whether it is the door to a room, a home, or an office, a door is important. At the moment of transition from outside to inside, the door is either forbidding and unfriendly, or warm and welcoming. By incorporating patterns and images in color and light, a work in stained glass welcomes, informs, reassures. [See an example]

A Gift

No matter how appropriate or well-chosen, a gift "off the shelf" cannot be as personal and memorable as a custom design. By incorporating design elements, whether of lettering or of imagery, that represent the relationship between you and the recipient, a commissioned work in stained glass becomes a unique and permanent statement about the recipient's importance to you.[See an example]

A Marketing Opportunity

Much more than a painted sign would do, a work in stained glass expresses messages about your company. Depending on the particular design, these can be messages about: craftsmanship, tradition, color, impact, ecology, artistry.

By incorporating stained glass art, either as a lighted wall mural, or for display in a busy street or mall window, your business will be noticed. Detail will invite a consumer to pay attention, meander up close, and relax, allowing your business atomosphere to take over. [See an example]

A Sacred Image

Stained glass has been associated with churches and synagogues for centuries. The rich colors and the meaningful metaphorical and historical images make a work in stained glass uniquely appropriate to holy settings. [See an example]